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Digitally Enhanced Contract Management

Win Business

Reachal mobilise insightful, content rich, robust and compliant capture plans within hours. Our WinDeck™ capability and support has been described as a “Winning Business Hand Rail’ by our clients. We allow teams to bid leaner, longer and better as a matter of routine.

Delivery Assurance

Reachal’s P3M solution provides programme managers and functional owners with the knowledge to prioritise and focus on the deliverables that matter. Our approach results in greater compliance, increased agility, better decision making and a significant reduction in the manual burden of programme management and reporting.

Digitally Enhanced Contract Management

Augmented-Intelligent Document Format (a-IDF®) resolves the challenge of managing complex document portfolios for major programmes (contracts, policies, guidelines, legislation and compliance related artefacts. a-IDF® reduces the manual burden of brokering agreement on the ownership and fulfilment of the key deliverables that address – Mandatory Obligations

Supply Chain Optimisation

With Reachal you will find it easier to optimise sub-contract supply within Major Programmes and only pay for what is delivered by the industrial based. We also enable better management of Dependencies and better sequence those with multiple sub-contract deliverables and Mandatory Obligations. We develop high levels of transparency with sub-contractors and this drives better performance and decision making.

We would rather show you what we can do; let us take your programme specific information (under NDA) and demonstrate our services in a password protected demonstration environment.

About Reachal

Our clients see big improvements in major contract acquisition, bid and delivery performance

Reachal’s capabilities exploit Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take the ‘Heavy Lifting’ out of Contract, Portfolio and Capture Management.

Commercial, Programme and Sales professionals work with clarity and certainty together in major programmes.

Our clients have made measured and objective improvements in performance by cutting the ‘manual burden’ of compliance, assurance, reporting and decision making – retaining their best people.

When opportunities and challenges are collectively understood everyone profits. We accelerate collective rate of understanding so that better and more timely decisions can be made – on an informed basis.

Major programme contracts typically have 8,000+ ‘Mandatory Obligations’ within 100’s of pages of text. We accelerate returns and lower the cost of delivery by allowing teams to focus on what matters – and evidence overall compliance.

We offer a ‘Hand Rail’ that makes it easier for people and teams to show compliance ‘by default’. Recognised standards and methodologies are embedded within Reachal systems to ease the training burden and augment human capability when skilled resources are in finite supply.

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